Nova First Light

GIANTS - Dinosaurs
Illuminate your little one's dreams with a friendly dinosaur night light. With her soft, comforting glow and peaceful design, Nova creates a cozy bedtime atmosphere. Easy to use and child-safe, she's the perfect companion for a peaceful night's sleep. Off to dreamland together, let the adventure begin!

Details: 16 cm (d) x 30cm (h) 

1 Your delivery includes a yellow charging cable, the first full charge takes a maximum of 6 hours. The battery life spans from 8 to 120 hours, depending on the selected brightness setting (6 steps available).

2 Use only certified USB adapter blocks for charging. Check for the specifications 'CE certified, DCv5 max 2A', usually written on the side of the adapter block. 

3 Please note: as an extra safety measure, the night light does not work while charging.

Product Type First Light (night light)
Function Wireless, Dimmable
Theme All, Dinosaurs
EAN 8720165221837

1 This dinosaur night light is made of BPA-free soft silicone, which makes it dishwasher proof. Remove the LED lamp from the silicone shell and wash the shell with the rest of your silicone baby items. You can also simply use a damp cloth to dust the product. 

2 To ensure longlasting use, please take care of your rechargable LED as well. Don't leave it on charge for longer than necessary, only charge when needed. 

3 There's a 2 year warranty on your purchase, after this you can order a replacement LED in our webshop. Click the service button at the top of this page! 

Please choose an option.
  • Made of high quality soft silicone, BPA-free  
  • Low energy LED lamp, always cool to the touch
  • Wireless. The comfort of Nova wherever you go

The tale lives on

A Triceratops, T-Rex and Diplodocus have entered the room! We created a set of lovable dinosaur friends to spark the most beautiful dino dreams. It's our collection of original character designs: GIANTS. Creatures full of adventure but still bright, caring Mr Maria night lights. Discover what the days looks like, at home with your very own live-in dinosaur. 

Nova's novelties

Nova loves being in the know. Always present, always looking for things she can tell her friends about. Whether it's the sun that brightened the room in a special way or the train that stopped moving during the day. 

Care take station

Het kan natuurlijk altijd gebeuren, dat Nijntje per ongeluk beschadigd raakt. Om nog veel langer plezier te hebben van jouw maatje, zijn er onderdelen te verkrijgen.

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Care take station

Over de designer

Jannes Hak is a Dutch designer and co-owner of the Amsterdam design company Mr Maria. Since 2006, Jannes has been designing magical items based on Dick Bruna characters. Mr Maria’s most famous design is a large lamp of the iconic Miffy character.

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Over de designer