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Smiley Lamp
€ 129.00
Take the time to smile

Smiley Lamp

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€ 129.00
Smiley Lamp


The Smiley lamp in its recognizable bright yellow colour shines with a beautiful warm glow and lights up every room. Smiley's face is tilted up so he smiles to the room when put on the floor.


This Mr Maria light design comes with a User Kit containing an adapter + power cable with touch dimmer button. There are 6 brightness settings including a nightmode option


Smiley is more than an icon, brand and lifestyle; it’s a spirit and a philosophy and exists to remind people of how powerful a smile is and how much a simple smile can change both your life and the lives of others around you. A true icon of positivity, happy as can be.

  • Design icon 
  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands
Timeless and playful
2 year warranty, lifetime service

Need a new LED light source for your Smiley XL lamp? You can find and order it here.

Smiley Lamp
Color Yellow
Dimmer Steps
Weight 3 kg
Lamp LED
Dimensions 45x45x40
Material Polyethylene
Made in Netherlands
EAN 8720165221325
Lumen 270 (max)