Please have a look at our frequently asked questions section. If your question is still not answered on this page, you can contact us here. We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have.

About payment

How can I make a payment?

The following payment methods are available: PayPal, Bancontact/Mistercash, MasterCard, Visa or Maestro.

About ordering

The correct power connector for my country is not available

All of our lamps except for the First Light and Bundle of Light designs come with a power cable with a touch dimmer and can be used with a universal USB-adapter. Chances are you will find one in that drawer with unused electronics and wires (we’ve all got one of those), but you can also purchase one at an electronics store or any supermarket with household items.

If you do wish to operate your design with a Mr Maria Remote, you can add a Replacement Kit 2.0 to your order. USB adapter only available for EU / UK but the lamp can be used with any universal USB adapter.

  • Miffy First Light (rechargeable): USB-cable only, adapter not included. Only use a certified DC5V max. 2A USB-charger that's especially designed for use with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Miffy Bundle of Light: battery powered, not rechargeable

About my order

How do I know if my order was successfully completed?

You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been accepted. If you have not received one, contact us here.

My order has arrived, but it’s missing (a) part(s).

Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact our customer service.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If there is an issue with your order, please contact our customer care as soon as possible: click here. Once your order is shipped, it is no longer possible to change or cancel your order.

I’d like to return my purchase. Where do I send it?

We’re sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your item in its original product packaging with the packing slip within 30 days after delivery as long as it was purchased on MrMaria.com:

PostNL ECS - Mr Maria
Kaagschip 14
3991CS Houten
The Netherlands

We will credit you for the total purchase price upon our receipt of your return. Products returned under this policy are eligible for a refund to the original method of payment.
We strongly recommend sending your goods back via a tracked service and retaining proof of postage until you have received your refund notification.
See for detailed return policy our return page here.

About my shipment

What is the delivery time?

Please visit the shipping page to see the estimated delivery time for your country.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you will receive a track and trace link in your shipping confirmation e-mail.

My delivery is taking longer than expected. What can I do?

Please contact our customer service with a message stating your order number and your question. 
Be aware: replies to automated emails will be automatically archived and will most likely not be read by our customer service team.

About my product


Does my product have warranty?

All our products have a twentyfour month warranty. Please be advised that warranty only applies when the product is handled in a normal and proper fashion as stated in the user manual. We will ask for photo’s of the defect to determine the case.

My product does not work or is missing parts. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service: click here. We will solve the problem a.s.a.p.

Can I use my product outside?

With the exception of the Snuffy sitter, all products should be used inside.

The facial features of my product are sticky. Why is that?

If this is the case, we apologize. Your product should have been cleaned in the factory. You can remove the stickiness with a cloth and a bit of sticker removal, turpentine, spirit or a similar cleaner. When the stickiness is gone, clean the facial features again with a normal cleaning product.

How should I clean the product?


Firstly, always make sure the product is unplugged.

  • Use a duster or a damp cloth to wipe the product clean.
  • The mobile rechargeable lamp has a Mr Maria LED module. Remove this first, see the user manual for instructions. You can then clean the soft silicone shell in the dishwasher.


  • Sitter (Snuffy): Use a duster or a damp cloth to wipe the product clean.
  • Poef: See instructions further on this page


What kind of light source does my product have?

  • The floorlamps contain a special Mr Maria LED module with 40,000 light hours.
  • The mobile rechargeable lamp contains a usb-rechargeable Mr Maria LED module

Please see the ‘Info & Specs’ tab on the product page in question.

Can I change the light source?

All Mr Maria lamps have replaceable light sources, determine which lightsource your design has and read how you can replace it below.

  1. You have a Miffy’s Dream ceiling lamp. You can purchase a new E14 led lamp for 90-140 Lumen in any specialty store. Check your manual for instructions on changing the lamp or download a digital manual here.
  2. You have a First Light, rechargeable silicone nightlight with a blue bottom. Please purchase a new led light source here.
  3. You have a First Light, rechargeable silicone nightlight with a yellow bottom. Please purchase a new LED light source here.
  4. You have a Mr Maria design with a black cord. Please purchase a new Replacement Kit 2.0 here. This will add functionality to your lamp (sleeptimer and wake-up timer) and enable you to operate your lamp with a Mr Maria Remote.
  5. You have a Mr Maria design with a white dimmer on the cord. You can purchase a new module (Mr Led2) here. You can also upgrade your lamp to operate with a Mr Maria Remote with extra functionality (sleep timer, wake-up timer) by purchasing a Replacement Kit 2.0 here. This includes a new led module (Mr Led 8) with USB connection and a Mr Maria Remote. This upgrade can not be used for Miffy First Light or Miffy’s Dream.
  6. You have a lamp with a Mr Maria Remote. You can order a new led module here

Are the lamps childproof?

Yes, our products are childproof. However they are not toys and should be used under adult supervision.

I haven't received an adapter with my USB rechargeable lamp. How can I charge my lamp?

You can charge the lamp with the included USB cable. Connect the USB cable to any certified USB adapter or a laptop / PC with USB connection.

What is included with the product?

  • Anana, LIA, Smiley, Kokeshi, Miffy XL (80cm), Miffy Star Light (50 cm), Nanuk 
    EU USB adapter (5 volt) with Mr Maria Touch Dimmer

If you do wish to operate your design with a Mr Maria Remote, you can add a Replacement Kit 2.0 to your order. USB adapter only available for EU / UK but the lamp can be used with any universal USB adapter.

  • Miffy First Light (rechargeable)
    USB-cable only, (adapter not included)
  • Miffy's Dream
    Pendant-/Ceiling lamp, adapter not needed (240 volt) included E14 5W saving bulb.

Can I use this lamp in my country?

If the correct adapter choice is not available for your country but your country is listed on our shipping list here, you can still order all Mr Maria designs. All lamps come with a USB-cable, you can use your lamp by plugging it into any universal USB adapter you have at home or purchase an adapter in an electronics store or store with household items. You can also purchase an adapter in our shop. 

Remote Control

My Mr Maria Remote is not working.

  1. Upon delivery there’s protective film on the battery of the Mr Maria Remote. Before first use, please check if this piece of plastic is removed.
  2. The Mr Maria Remote only works when you have the led module with USB connection, marked with the name Mr Led8. Please make sure your lamp has a Led module that can be operated with the Mr Maria Remote.
  3. Make sure the lamp is correctly plugged into a power socket. Is the adapter well connected to the USB cord and is the cord securely plugged into the lamp? If this is the case and the light on the bottom of the lamp is green, there’s most likely a problem with the remote control. If the green lamp is not on, there’s most likely an issue with one of the other parts on your lamp. Please contact customer service.
  4. Make sure your Mr Maria Remote contains a battery by unscrewing the lid on the back of the remote and lifting it off. The battery of the remote is included, in case it’s missing, that’s a production fault. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact our customer service so we can assist you as quickly as possible.
  5. Limit the distance to your product to 2 meters max and aim the remote directly at the design. When you’re too far removed from the product, the remote will not work.
  6. Are you using the correct button? Some buttons start timers meaning they don’t have an immediate response. Check the functionality of all buttons here.
  7. Wait a few seconds after pressing any button. (Accidentally) pressing the button twice may cause the lamp not to respond at all.
  8. Check the chosen brightness of your lamp, it might be dimmed to the lowest setting causing the light to be barely visible. Press the closed eye button to brighten the light.

I don’t understand how my Mr Maria Remote works.

You can watch an instructional video here or download the digital manual here. Do you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, we are happy to help.

I have lost my Mr Maria Remote. Where can I order a new one?

You can order a new Mr Maria Remote here.

Can I order the Mr Maria Remote separately?

Yes, you can order the Mr Maria Remote separately.

  • If you have lost your previous Remote, please order a new one here.
  • If you currently have a lamp with a black cord or a lamp with a dimmer on the cord, it is necessary to order a full Replacement Kit 2.0

About Miffy Pouf

This product is no longer part of our collection. 

Warning! The product is a home decor object, not a toy and not meant to jump on or fall on. Improper use can therefore result in damage. Do not use the product near an open flame or against a heater.

Can you lean against the ears?

No, this is not possible, the ears are decorative.

Does the Miffy Pouf has a cover?

Yes, the Miffy Pouf has a cover. You can remove the cover.

What material is the Miffy Pouf made of?

The cover is made of polyester fabric, PVC-free and washable in the washing machine. The EPS filling is expanded polystyrene, insensitive to moisture, rot-free, fire retardant and mildew resistant.

How can I clean the Miffy pouf?

We recommend that you clean the Miffy pouf with a cloth with lukewarm water and soft soap first. This will get rid of most stains. It is possible to wash the Miffy pouf cover in the washing machine. Read the washing instructions in the user manual.

There is a tear / hole in my Miffy pouf. How can I fix it?

Send a mail to [email protected] with the problem described and if possible pictures of the damaged product.

Does the Miffy Pouf contain harmful substances?

The material contains no harmful substances. Everything meets European guidelines.

How big is the packaging in which the Miffy Pouf is delivered?

The dimensions of the box are 50 x 60 x 50 cm. Be careful not to open the packaging with a sharp object.

Can the Miffy Pouf be used outside?

Mr Maria advises to use this indoors to prevent serious filthiness.

The filling is reduced. How is this possible?

Due to intensive use the filling shrinks after a period of time.

From what age is the Miffy Pouf suitable?

We recommend use from the age of 5 due to the seatheight of the product. The pouf is strong enough to also carry adults.

My question is not listed

What should I do?
Please contact our customer care here. Or send a mail to [email protected]