Boris Star Light

Miffy and Friends
He's classy and cute, always in a gentle mood. our wired dimmable Boris lamp lights up to create the cosiest corners, you'll never want to leave.

Details: 24 cm (d) x 36 cm (h) 

1 Boris is a balanced table lamp design. His all-white, rounded shape and soft smile is simple, modern and kind. Boris is a fun way to add character to your space, creating calm in a busy world. Playful by design, peaceful by your side. 

2 The Mr Maria LED lamp is installed in your design and a power cable with dimmer is included in the User Kit.


Product Type Star Light (table lamp)
Function Wired, Dimmable
Theme All, Miffy and Friends
EAN 8720165221158

Boris is a low maintenance roommate, his hard shell can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

There's a two year warranty on your purchase, after this you can order a replacement LED in our webshop. Click the service button at the top of this page! 

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  • Made in the Netherlands. Longlasting, durable materials 
  • Stepless dimming. Set the mood from cozy to bright 
  • An eyecatcher in the room 

A simple life 

Do you ever have one of those stay-at-home days eating your favourite foods, drinking your favourite drinks and doing your favourite things? You spend the day all calm, happy and relaxed? Suddenly you're met with a smile, what a lovely life to have. 

Miffy and Friends

Illustrator Dick Bruna originally created the bunny-rabbit in simple lines for kids ages 0-6. Almost 70 years later Miffy is a true pop culture icon, a friendly character loved both for her stories and her artful presence. 

Care take station

Het kan natuurlijk altijd gebeuren, dat Nijntje per ongeluk beschadigd raakt. Om nog veel langer plezier te hebben van jouw maatje, zijn er onderdelen te verkrijgen.

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Care take station

Over de designer

Jannes Hak is a Dutch designer and co-owner of the Amsterdam design company Mr Maria. Since 2006, Jannes has been designing magical items based on Dick Bruna characters. Mr Maria’s most famous design is a large lamp of the iconic Miffy character.

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Over de designer