Welcome, great to see you here! That means you love your
Mr Maria design and believe in taking the time to care for the things you love. 

We want you to be able to enjoy your design forever therefore we always have spare parts on hand. Whenever your design needs a little service, you can come here to make your light shine bright again. 

Order what you need and fix your design at home, quick and easy! Thank you for taking care of your companion. 

1. USER KITS - To renew or repair your light (not for First Light)

A User Kit has everything you need to make your Mr Maria lamp shine:

  • a LED light source
  • power cable + adapter

You can purchase a Kit to renew your design when you want to change the controls or repair your design when it's no longer working. 

Click the SHOP button below to choose and order the User Kit that suits your needs. 

We currently have two User Kits available to light up your lamp. The Touch Kit is our latest addition and is all about simplicity, the Remote Kit is for those who would like to use timer functionality.

Both Kits work if you currently have a MRLED1, MRLED2 or MRLED8 light source (the name is written on the LED located on the bottom of your lamp). The User Kits are not suitable for First Light nightlights. Visit the product pages for more information. 

  • Touch dimmer button on the power cable 
  • 6 brightness settings 
  • Incl. a nightmode to leave a little light on
  1. TOUCH Kit
    TOUCH Kit
    € 20.00
  • Comes with a Remote 
  • Stepless dimming 
  • SLEEP - Switches off after 5, 10 or 15 minutes
  • WAKE-UP - switches on after 15 min.
  1. Replacement kit 2.0
    Replacement kit 2.0
    € 25.00

Don't need a full User Kit but only need a specific part? Have a look at the available service parts by scrolling down.


Our First Light series are the rechargeable, portable nightlights made of soft silicone. 

You can order a new light source or charging cable for your First Light by clicking on the SHOP button below. 

A USB adapter block is not included with your First Light purchase as we do not want to clutter your home (or the world). If you are in need of one, you can order it here. Currently available for EU/UK/US power sockets. 

Please make sure to order the same light source/ cable that you currently have, otherwise the part will not fit your lamp. If you have a Boris, Snuffy or Lion First Light you need the yellow items. 

  1. Mr LED 11 Miffy First Light Module
    Mr LED 11 Module
    € 20.00
  1. MRLED12
    € 20.00


You may or may not have a dog but it's safe to say that the general chaos of family homes may cause you to misplace your Mr Maria Remote. Luckily you can order your replacement Mr Maria Remote via the SHOP button below. 

In need of a USB adapter for your light design? You can order it via the SHOP button as well. Suitable for all our light designs, including First Light. Currently available for EU/UK/US power sockets. 

  1. Remote Control
    Remote Control
    € 15.00

This Remote only works if you have a MRLED8 light source. You can order a Remote User Kit at the top of this page to upgrade your lamp to a remote controlled version. 

  1. USB adapter
    USB adapter
    Out of stock
    Out of stock

This adapter block can be used to charge your First Light design or plug in the power cable of your Mr Maria light design. Available for EU/UK/US power sockets.

4. SERVICE PARTS: MRLED1 light source + white power cable

If you currently have a MRLED1 light source +
white power cable and don't want to switch to one of our more modern USER KITS you can order the same parts via the SHOP button below. 

If you're looking to repair your lamp but you're not sure which part needs replacing, we recommend purchasing one of our User Kits which will replace and renew both the LED light source and the adapter. The TOUCH KIT is a similar solution with a dimmer button on the power cable, the REMOTE KIT adds timer functionality and is remote controlled.

  1. Mr Maria LED Module
    LED Module
    € 15.00

We only recommend ordering this LED light source if your current LED light source looks like this and you do not want to switch to a newer light solution.

  1. Mr Maria Adapter with stepless dimmer
    € 10.00

We only recommend ordering this power cable if your current one looks the same and you do not wish to switch to a newer light solution. 

Haven't found what you were looking for? We might not sell the part you need separately, but it could be included in one of the USER KITS that can be used to completely renew your Mr Maria lamp. Visit the product pages of our Remote Kit and/or Touch Kit to find out. 

Any questions? Send us an e-mail and we will help you as quickly as possible.