Replacement kit 2.0
€ 25.00

Replacement kit 2.0

€ 25.00
Replacement kit 2.0

What's in this User Kit?

Everything you need to switch on and use your light. 

  • A white Mr Maria LED light source.
  • A power cable + USB adapter
  • A Mr Maria Remote

What can I do with this User Kit?

This Kit makes your Mr Maria design remote controlled.
You can use your Mr Maria Remote to: 

  • Turn on/turn off the light
  • Adjust brightness for any mood (stepless dimming)
  • Wake-Up timer – the lamp turns on 15 minutes after pushing the sunrise button
  • Sleep Timer – the lamp turns off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes after pushing one of the moon butons. 


You have a light design with a MRLED 1 or MR LED 2 light source with a white cable. The name of the light source is written on the bottom of the lamp.

When in doubt, you can take a picture of the bottom of your lamp and send an e-mail to [email protected]


  • Not suitable for First Light portable nightlights
  • Secure the LED light source with the 3 screws holding your current LED light source in place.
  • Currently available for EU/US/UK power sockets. Click add to cart and select the edition you need.
  • Need a different plug? You can still order a Kit and use it with any low voltage USB adapter plug suitable for your power socket.

If you have any questions we are happy to help you! You can send an
e-mail to [email protected]


Replacement kit 2.0
Color White
Dimmer Stepless
Lamp LED
Material Polyethylene
Lumen max. 270
Kelvin 2700
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Replacement kit 2.0
Replacement kit 2.0

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€ 25.00