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Mr Maria® is a design company based in the Netherlands. We are in continuous search to find emotional relationships between our products and our consumers. To achieve an emotional bond we create products that are all about bringing joy and laughter everywhere.

We have faith and take pride in being a brand that has built a product line that is based on the virtue of innocence. With this philosophy we focus on designs that are foremost pure, serene and warm. Creations that are iconic yet still leave room for its own narrative.


To create with love for a loving home, designs that celebrate innocence.


Mr Maria designs with love for a loving home, designs that celebrate innocence. Once started with iconic lamps, now the company is expanding more and more to other home items including a pouf and a beanbag. The modern designs consist of strong, classic lines that together form a resting point. With a Mr Maria design you get a statement piece with an always tangible, reassuring presence. An item that changes with its environment thanks to its timeless look. Everyone from young to old can enjoy the feeling of security that a familiar piece of art brings with it over the years. From the nursery to the living room, the design always finds a place with his family.


Today Mr Maria has presence in the following countries: Distribution partners in Belgium, France, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Israel, South-Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada and the US. And sell directly to numerous other countries.

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Our office is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We at Mr Maria believe strongly in responsible designs that are being produced in a responsible way. This means that the design itself strives to improve life locally without damaging life globally. This starts in the first place with our choice of partners. This results in a company that is entirely built up through long lasting partnerships that share Mr Maria’s vision that it is better to invest in a long lasting relationship rather than a quick win.

This concept is also thought through in the products itself. By considering early in the design phase the sentimental value of the product potential we establish a product that aims to have a long personal relationship with its owner. Besides the emotional ingredient it is our duty to choose materials that are durable. We perceive this goal through the use of sustainable materials and energy-saving power supplies in the first place.

Furthermore Mr Maria takes great effort in exploring and investing in more efficient ways of producing and distributing.

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‘We wish you a lot of wonderful moments with our friends and their inspiring stories’

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