Miffy Lamps

Discover the original Miffy lamps by Mr Maria

Miffy, sweet little bunny

The iconic Miffy lamps by Mr Maria are famous and wanted all over the world. Miffy is the world famous Dutch rabbit, created by artist Dick Bruna. Miffy’s adventures are known by children all over the world, from London to Beijing. By creating a series of Miffy Lamps, Mr Maria has created a series of lamps that will leave a recognizable and familiar presence in every children’s room.

The simplicity of Miffy in combination with the Mr Maria design, gives you a beautifully warm and cozy illuminated room.

Miffy, a familiar and trusted friend

Mr Maria’s collection of Miffy lamps consists of Miffy lights in different sizes, inspired by the popular Dick Bruna characters. Each of these Miffy lamps are unique, but have the unmistakable Miffy look. Decorate the children’s room or any other room with Miffy, the sweet little bunny.

Miffy Star Light is 50cm tall and the medium size in our range of Miffy lamps. She is part of the Star Light series and joined by her friends Lion and Boris in the same size. Because Miffy is 50cm tall she's big enough to be an eyecatcher but also perfectly versatile to style. Let her shine in the bedroom or in the play room, her dimmable light will bring a comforting glow wherever she goes. 

One size up is our Miffy XL Lamp. This giant has been all over the world during the Miffy tour. This Miffy lamp is 80 centimeters tall.

In the Miffy collection, you will also find a very special friend who will always be by your side. Miffy First Light lamp is a small night light with a height of 30 cm. You can take this little friend anywhere with you.

The most special Miffy lamp from Mr Maria is the Miffy Icon. This Miffy Light is almost 2 meters. You can find this imposing Miffy light all over the world in warehouses, pop-up stores and international events.