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Miffy beanbags

Discover the Miffy Dreambags by Mr Maria

Sweet dreams, little bunny

Mr Maria’s beanbags really are Dreambags. The Miffy Dreambags are inspired by the book ‘Miffy’s dream’ in which Miffy and a bunny from another country play on a little cloud. While the cloud floats away in the sky, Miffy and her friend play together between the moon and the stars until they fall asleep.

Mr Maria’s beanbags gives you the comfort of a little cloud with an original Dick Bruna illustration in black and white or in color. The Miffy Dreambags come in two different sizes.

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Miffy Dreambags: Comfortable like a cloud

The Miffy dreambags are ideal for playing, cuddling and relaxing. Read a book together on the big Miffy beanbag or take a comforting nap on the small Miffy Dreambag. The Mr Maria dreambags have an EPS filling and are easily washable, thanks to the polyester cover. Play together or sleep comfortably on the Miffy dreambag, just like in the book.

Miffy beanbags in 4 editions

Mr Maria’s dreambags are available in 4 different types. You can choose between 2 sizes and you can also choose for a colourized or a black-and-white version. De big Miffy Dreambag is 130 cm, big enough for an adult and a child to sit on. The smaller Miffy beanbag is 100 cm and is ideal for 2 little friends. If you want to add some comfortable style to your children’s room or playroom, you can combine the different version of the Miffy beanbags. The Mr Maria beanbags are both water repellent and dirt-repellent. In addition to the Dreambags, you can also find an ottoman in Mr Maria’s product range. This Miffy Pouf is comparable to the Miffy dreambags and are big enough to sit on for adults and children.