Kokeshi Lamp
€ 129.00
Nice to meet you

Kokeshi Lamp

€ 129.00
Kokeshi Lamp


Kokeshi is sweet and elegant with her kind smile and soft shape. Designed after the Japanese traditional Kokeshi dolls, often gifted to wish the other a life of good fortune.


This Mr Maria light design comes with a User Kit containing an adapter + power cable with touch dimmer button. There are 6 brightness settings including a nightmode option



Volgens Japanse traditie is de Kokeshi een gelukspop. Oorspronkelijk altijd gemaakt van hout maar inmiddels ook populair in andere materialen zoals keramiek en glas. Kokeshi poppen worden nog steeds veelal met aandacht en handwerk op de wereld gezet, zo ook onze versie als Mr Maria design lamp.

  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands
  • Kokeshi is the most welcoming housemate you can find
  • Warm white light only for a soothing atmosphere
Timeless and playful
Dimmable mood lighting
Two year warranty, a lifetime of service

Do you need a replacement LED for your Kokeshi design? You can order one here

Kokeshi Lamp
Color White
Dimmer Steps
Lamp LED
Material Polyethylene
EAN 8720165221240