Miffy, a familiar and trusted friend

Mr Maria’s collection of Miffy lamps consists of five different Miffy lights inspired by the popular Dick Bruna characters. Each of these Miffy lights are unique, but have the unmistakable Miffy look. Decorate the children’s room or any other room with Miffy, the sweet little bunny.

Years ago, the success of the Miffy Light started for Mr Maria with the Miffy Original lamp. Place it next to bed of your children, put it in the living room or in the children’s play room. Thanks to it’s sophisticated design and the warm ambiance of the light, the Miffy lamp stands out in every room.

The Miffy Original also has a big brother, the Miffy XL Lamp. This giant has been all over the world during the Miffy tour. This Miffy light has a height of 80 centimeters. 30 centimeters bigger than Mr Maria’s Nijntje Original.

In the Miffy collection, you will also find a very special friend who will always be by your side. Miffy First Light lamp is a small night light with a height of 30 cm. You can take this little friend anywhere with you.

Miffy’s dream lamp is the hanging lamp from Mr Maria. Miffy shines her light all over the room while she is floating on a cloud. While your children are sound asleep, Miffy watches over them with her warm light.

The most special Miffy lamp from Mr Maria is the Miffy Icon. This Miffy Light has a height of almost 2 meters. You can find this imposing Miffy light all over the world in warehouses, pop-up stores and international events.

Control your Miffy Ligth with the Mr Maria Remote

Several Miffy lamps are remote controlled with the original Mr Maria Remote. This remote control has various functions to control your LED lamp. You can easily turn the light off, without waking your children.

  • Dim the lights how you want it. Dark enough to fall asleep, but enough light to be comforting for your children.
  • Wake-Up Timer - After 15 minutes the light will go on. Wake up with Miffy, time to get up!
  • Sleep Timer - The light will go off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes. Good night, sweet dreams.

You can find the remote controller in the Replacement Kit 2.0 of Mr Maria. Next to the Replacement Kit 2.0, there are several other parts of the Miffy light that you can easily order online, like various adapters and off course the LED module for your Miffy light.