Thank you for an amazing 2017

Thank you for an amazing 2017

The end of a beautiful year is near and we’d like to share our Mr Maria highlights. Join us on our journey and get a sneak peek of our plans for next year…

1.       The launch of a new product: LIA

This heart-shaped lamp is a well-loved addition to our existing collection: it’s the fitting centre of a loving family of characters and a universal symbol of love and joy.

2.       Mr Maria travelled the world for several fairs

With a little help from our distributors, the Mr Maria collection was shown at important design fairs across the world. Ranging from Maison & Objet in Paris, to New York Now in the US and Formland in stylish Denmark. Last but not least, in October we were at the vtwonen & design fair in Mr Maria’s hometown: Amsterdam.

3.       Miffy XL travelled to lucky hosts all over the world for the Miffy Tour

The #Miffytour is still going strong! This year Miffy travelled to Israel, Taiwan, Canada, Italy, the USA, the Dutch Carribbean and Scotland and we have the pictures to proof it. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@mrmariadesign) to follow the tour and tell us where Miffy should travel to next!

4.       Miffy family expands with two new family members

In 2017 we decided to honor the iconic character of Miffy by creating the biggest Miffy lamp ever: Miffy Icon. The lamp is two meters high, and perfect for picture moments. Just search the hashtag #mrmariawin on Instagram to see.
                Another special addition to the family is Miffy First Light. Just 30 centimeters tall and completely different from our standard collection; made of soft silicone, wireless and rechargeable. This little friend for a little miracle was the subject of the first Mr Maria movie ever. Have you seen it?

5.       The launch of a brand new website

One of our biggest projects this year was the launch of our new website! The site had been of need of a make-over for a long time so we’re very happy with the result. The clean, timeless look of our designs are reflected and we are grateful to use pictures taken by our Mr Maria family to show how Mr Maria characters look in homes across the world.

6.        Mr Maria turns eleven

Finally, Mr Maria turned eleven this year. We had a small celebration on the eleventh of November but we really want to thank all our partners and Mr Maria family across the world. Thanks to your continuous support we manage to grow and bring light and happiness to the world. We are family!  

After such a big year, what are our plans for 2018?

  1. We’ll continue to attend fairs across the world, first up is Maison&Objet in Paris and next we’ll be in The Netherlands but we’ll keep you updated on any other places you can visit us and meet the Mr Maria characters in real life.
  2. Our soft silicone, smallest Miffy lamp may get some company of its kind. Which character do you think will be the next in line to get the huggable treatment?

The rest we’ll keep a secret for now. Keep an eye on this journal and our social media to stay up to date on all Mr Maria developments. For now we thank you again and wish you happy holidays, cheers to a brand new year! 

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