Spotted: Mr Maria in Hudson’s Bay

Spotted: Mr Maria in Hudson’s Bay

In the coming weeks luxury Canadian warehouse Hudson’s Bay will be opening several stores throughout the Netherlands. Mr Maria is excited to announce a special contribution to the shop’s children’s department and is proud to say the entire collection will be available in Hudson’s Bay soon.

The opening of luxury warehouse Hudson’s Bay has been awaited by people all over the country. Mr Maria was offered the possibility to participate in a Miffy-themed decoration project in the store, and was happy to contribute.

Mr Maria Miffy pouf in Maastricht

In Maastricht, the capital city of Holland’s most southern provence, Hudson’s Bay is making shopping fun for even their youngest visitors. The children’s department is equipped with a special Miffy studio, designed to look like a Miffy storybook has come to life. On display are plenty of fluffy Miffy’s and other Miffy products. Included are the Mr Maria Miffy Poufs distributed around the area, offering a nice place to sit down while mom and dad do the shopping.  

Miffy in metropolis Rotterdam and The Hague

Mr Maria can also be spotted in the Miffy Studio’s in metropolis cities Rotterdam and The Hague. There, it’s Miffy Icon stealing the show; the big Miffy lamp of two meters high will be shining starting from the end of October. This unique Miffy is definitely worth a visit with the kids. People of all ages will be enchanted by the serene, big Miffy lamp. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date about the dates in which Icon can be visited in stores.

Soon the entire Mr Maria collection, including Miffy Pouf and Miffy Icon, will be available in several Hudson’s Bay stores. Stay tuned for more information on the exact dates…

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