One month with Miffy and Friends

One month with Miffy and Friends

10.10.2019 Exactly one month ago we launched our nightlight collection Miffy and Friends. Our already loved Miffy nightlight was joined by her friends Boris Bear and Snuffy the dog. Three nursery must-haves in one happy collection at last.

Mr Maria x Dick Bruna

How to go from a 2D illustration to a 3D light design: before revealing our newest collection we told the story of the collaboration Mr Maria x Dick Bruna on Instagram and Facebook. How did Mr Maria’s Miffy come to life and which design choices were made? If you want to read the story in full, have a look at our social media - this is our first post.

miffy and friends collection of nightlights by mr maria

Cheerful Colours

As we introduced more of Dick Bruna’s characters into the Mr Maria universe, we also introduced more Mr Maria x Dick Bruna style elements. Not only boris bear and snuffy the dog joined Miffy but Dick Bruna’s signature colours were introduced too: blue for the wise bear boris, yellow for the playful dog snuffy and orange for the always curious Miffy.

Miffy, boris and snuffy in their colourful colours might be our most photogenic collection so for. Of course they're at their cutest in real life but on video too, we always look at them with a big smile.

The power of First Light

The First Light nightlights were designed to be a little friend for a little miracle. What better friends to choose but those familiar from the world’s most popular story books? A First Light is the first light for a little one, a perfect gift for a lifetime of shining bright. For the first years of their life it’s also the First Light they see as their eyes open, waking up with a friend always feels more cozy and safe.

nijntje en vriendjes nachtlampen collectie mr maria

Better Together

A little friend for your little one but also an adorable helper for the parents. A First Light nightlight is safe, easy to use and handy:

1. Made of BPA-free soft silicone. Soft to touch and lightweight, making it easier to bring with you for a slumber party or holiday. Take the LED module out of the shell and you can even wash it in the dishwasher.

2. Dimmable. The nightlight has 6 dimming steps, including a special nightmode. At the brightest setting it’s perfect for a story, the lowest setting makes for a soothing glow over a sleeping child.

3. Rechargeable so that the nightlight can be used anywhere, no need to think about where to plug it in. The sustainable LED lasts for 24-100 hours, depending on the brightness setting you choose to use.

nijntje en vriendjes nachtlampen collectie mr maria

We Are Family

The month flew by, after all our preparations we saw our little ones settle in their new homes across the world through the family pictures that were shared. We feel so honored that our nightlights get to be a part of the first years of your little ones. Don't forget to tag us in your photo's (@mrmariadesign op Instagram and Facebook or #mrmariadesign) or share them via e-mail if you'd like, they always are a special part of our day!

Miffy nightlight and boris nightlight
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