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Mr Maria part of design exposition Culture Cult

Mr Maria part of design exposition Culture Cult

Starting the 4th of October until the 6th of February 2019 you can explore the exposition Culture Cult at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam. Mr Maria’s own Kokeshi and Miffy lamps are part of the celebration of Dutch Design.

Culture Cult

The D&A Platform describes the exposition as follows: ‘We present the visions and creations of Dutch based artists who dare to go beyond the artificial boundaries of our culture in order to shape their creations. Culture Cult will become an immersion of cultures coming together in a world of unity.’ 

We were present for the launch and absolutely surprised by this beautiful collection of cultures. We spotted beautiful design tables by Melchior van Dansik, inspired by South African tribes, and the wonderful statues by Gabriela Bustamante reimagining typical Dutch souvenirs into versions more reflective of the multicultural identity of current Dutch culture. An inspiring collection of items to be around!  

Mr Maria: Dutch Design inspired by the rest of the world

Mr Maria is always happy to be next to other designers in the world, the conversation about design is neverending and always fun. Thanks to the curiousity of the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis and their enthusiasm for the cultural contrasts in the Mr Maria collection, two of our very own characters are shining bright in a special location. 

Our Kokeshi lamp inspired by Japanese tradition and our Miffy XL lamp, one of the Netherlands’ most famous characters, are standing side by side in the Design Hotel's lobby. We love that the contrast between these two Mr Maria characters has been noticed and is loved by others as well. Our Miffy First Light and Miffy Icon are there too for a perfect photo moment or some company while waiting. The hotel lobby has been transformed into a tiny piece of the Mr Maria World. 

Design Hotel Artemis Exposition Miffy lamps

How to visit

The free exposition will be running until the 6th of February. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is a lovely place to stay. You will feel right at home since both Miffy and Kokeshi are there to welcome you. A simple visit to the exposition is possible too. While you're there it might be an idea to have lunch at the restaurant where they serve little works of delicious art. Enjoy! 

Make sure to tag us in your photo if you share a smile with our Miffy Icon or the other Mr Maria designs. We're @mrmariadesign on Instagram and Facebook.

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