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Mr Maria celebrates at big fair in The Netherlands

Mr Maria celebrates at big fair in The Netherlands

Every year Dutch multimedia platform ‘vtwonen’ organizes one of the biggest living and design fair in the Netherlands: vt wonen&design. This year Mr Maria will participate for the first time! This joyful event is used to launch two new products.

Starting on the third of October until the eighth, Mr Maria can be found at event hall the RAI in Amsterdam for the fair. This year does not only mark Mr Maria’s first time at the important fair, it also marks the brand’s 11 year anniversary. A beautiful milestone that will be celebrated together with the visitors of the fair. How? You can read it below.

Dutch launch of Miffy First Light

Although Miffy First Light has already been lovingly introduced at international B2B fairs in both France and Denmark, it will have its premiere in the Netherlands at this B2C fair. The Miffy nightlight is small, wireless and chargeable lamp and is the first shining friend to your newest family member. As a Dutch brand, Mr Maria is happy to make sure that the Dutch will be able to purchase the new lamp first. After the fair the nightlight is available for purchase to those in other countries who already fell in love with First Light as well.

Picture time with Miffy Icon

First Light is not the only new Mr Maria product at the fair. A true eyecatcher will be the Miffy Icon. This big Miffy lamp is two metres high and will shine its warm light, looking completely serene and providing a moment of peace at the stand amidst the busy fair. This design won’t be as easy to take home, but does create the perfect photo opportunity! Keep an eye out on our social media (Facebook, Instagram) and search the tags #mrmariadesign, #miffyicon and #mrmariawin to see how picture perfect the Icon is. This is also the place where you can find out if Icon will travel to other parts of the world! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all of our new products, cool pictures and events.
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