Mr Maria celebrates 11th birthday with a festive discount

Mr Maria celebrates 11th birthday with a festive discount

During the weekend of 11 November Mr Maria is hosting a little webshop party to celebrate her 11th birthday. Read along to find out how to make use of the 11 percent discount. *2018: Discount code no longer valid*

Already eleven years ago the world saw Mr Maria’s first light in Amsterdam and this year Mr Maria brought the world Miffy First Light – we’ve come full circle! The company feels a connection to the number eleven and therefore celebrates this special anniversary.

A love for eleven

The number eleven has different meanings across the world. It can be seen as a number of balance, but it’s also (mathematically) unique and the number of mischief in several carnival traditions. In short, it’s a number of balance with a twist – just like Mr Maria.

Mr Maria staircase cloud

We Are Family

Last but not least, Eleven is a number of unity. Just like Mr Maria forms a unity with the Mr Maria family! We are grateful for our friends across the globe and therefore would like to share our happiness during a weekend of 11% discounts on the entire collection. The discount code is: MrMaria11 and can be entered during checkout.

*Discount code no longer valid* Placed your order? We’d love to see our family members in their new homes, tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@mrmariadesign) so we can enjoy your beautiful family photo. #mrmariadesign

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