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Introducing: Miffy First Light

Introducing: Miffy First Light

October 2017 Mr Maria is welcoming a new addition to the family: the soft, safe and cute nightlight called Miffy First Light will join the collection.

A little friend for a little miracle, that’s the newest Mr Maria design in a nutshell. Although at first sight the lamp strongly resembles the other Miffy designs in the collection, its unique characteristics come to light after a closer look.

Small, soft and chargeable

Just a small touch to the new Miffy’s ears will offer the first surprise; First Light is the first Mr Maria lamp to be made of soft silicone instead of the usual hard polyethelene. This makes the lamp extremely huggable and truly irresistible. 

The nightlight is 30 centimetres high and meets the highest safety requirements. Therefore it can be left next to the little one’s bed without any worries. First Light can be charged with the provided USB-cable and will use its battery to shine for weeks after that. First Light makes ever place feel like home, it’s the perfect traveling Miffy night light that ensures your child has a good night sleep anywhere in the world. 

Mr Maria lamps, Miffy First Light, usb rechargeable, Soft silicone

A meaningful name

Miffy First Light is the first shining friend of your newest family member. Surprise parents and their little one with the first light in the baby’s life. A unique welcoming present that will serve as a comforting first light a child sees whenever they open their eyes.

Miffy First Light is €75,- and will be in our webshop October 2017.

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