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First Light’s fairytale

First Light’s fairytale

Like every Mr Maria design, First Light too has a story to tell. It's the first time a Mr Maria design has come to live in moving images. Have a look at First Light's fairytale by watching this dreamy video.

Miffy on a trip

Going away on a trip is always exciting, the little girl in the video gives her shining friend Miffy XL a big hug before leaving. Once she arrives in the dark forest, everything looks a bit spooky. A little scared, the girl hides under the blankets. Luckily mom has a solution: it’s Miffy First Light! The little one easily fit in her suitcase so she could come along.

Mr Maria Promo Miffy First Light

Safe and sound

Immediately the girl is happy – the safe surroundings from home are reflected in Miffy’s warm light. Together the little ones can take on the world. The two even bump into the friendly giant Miffy Icon, a 2-meters high Miffy lamp shining with motherly peace.

Mom peaks into the little girl’s room, she and her Miffy are in bed, dreaming away. Tomorrow, First Light will shine her familiar light over the new surroundings again. Any place will feel like home, with Miffy First Light by your side.

Miffy First Light is available for €75,- in our webshop, big friendly giant Icon can be a part of your home for €3000,-.

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