A new chapter: Mr Maria Upgrade 2018

A new chapter: Mr Maria Upgrade 2018

Available now: upgraded version of original Mr Maria designs like our Miffy lamp including an improved LED lightsource with a sleep timer and wake-up timer - operated with a remote control! Read about the Upgrade below.

To continue to be the best lifetime companions, Mr Maria light designs are growing up with you. Our original collection including our Miffy lamps, Brown Lamp, Anana, Nanuk and more now come with an upgraded LED with a sleep timer, wake-up timer and Mr Maria Remote.

Mr Maria lets grow up together Miffy Original

Photo by: @louisewiberg

The Upgrade explained:

Starting from this month, all newly purchased Mr Maria lighting designs* will come with a new LED light source and the Mr Maria Remote. Use the Mr Maria Remote to:

1. Turn the lamp on/off

2. Adjust the brightness. Not too bright, not too dark but just right.

3. Wake-Up – The light turns on after 15 minutes. Open your eyes to the familiar light of your little friend: time to get up for a new adventure.

4. Activate Sleep Timer – The light turns off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes. Lights out? Say goodnight to Miffy, Anana, Nanuk or one of the other Mr Maria friends. Sweet dreams.

Have a look at the instructional video of the Mr Maria Remote:

If you purchase a Mr Maria design, in the box you will find a Mr Maria User Kit (pictured at the top of the page) containing a USB adapter, USB cable, user manual and Mr Maria Remote – the LED module is already mounted in your design. To upgrade the Mr Maria design you already own, you can purchase a Replacement Kit 2.0 here. Available for EU / UK only only for now, to be expanded for more countries. 

Why the upgrade?

Mr Maria designs are a durable purchase. We aim to make timeless, high quality designs so your beloved lamp stands the test of time in all possible ways. Still, as with people, innovation and improvement remains possible! We see the upgrade as a sustainable development for our collection. Hereby we hope to encourage the continued nurturing of our designs for those that have a design at home and to keep the collection up to date for the modern consumer. 

Mr Maria lets grow old together Anana elephant lamp

We Are Family

By introducing the Mr Maria Remote our well-loved original collection of character lamps is starting a new chapter in life. We hope you are just as excited about this new chapter in the story of Mr Maria as we are.

A birth, a birthday, a friendship, a first love, a cuddle, a smile, a home, a lifetime… We want to be there for your milestones, to share your family moments. To bring peace and a smile, day and night. We Are Family. 

* Upgrade does not apply to Miffy First Light, Miffy’s Dream, LIA and Brown S

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